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             Leading occupational health & safety

             trade expo to launch in Botswana

                                                                       Electra Mining 2017 visitors Registration

                     rand new A-OSH Expo Botswana to take place    of  paramount  importance  in  the  workplace.  Worker’s
                     alongside  Electra  Mining  Botswana  at  the   rights will come under the spotlight at Botswana’s new
                     Gaborone  Fairgrounds  in  September  2019.   OHS trade show.
                     Bringing together all aspects of occupational   “We are excited about the launch of this new co-locate
           Bsafety and health concerns in the workplace,           in  Botswana,”  says  Charlene  Hefer,  Portfolio  Director:
           A-OSH Expo Botswana will showcase the latest products,   Mining  and  Industrial,  at  Specialised  Exhibitions
           technologies and services across this important sector,   Montgomery,  organisers  of  Electra  Mining  Botswana.
           as  well  as  the  newest  health  and  safety  training.  The   “Through  our  many  conversations  with  the  mines  and
           show will be taking place at the Gaborone Fairgrounds   related industries in Botswana as well as with government
           from 10-12 September 2019.                              and local associations, we recognised the need to further
                                                                   promote health and safety in the country and a focussed
           The  topic  of  occupational  health  and  safety  (OSH)   separate show co-located with Electra Mining Botswana
           is  taking  on  increasing  importance,  both  for  office   was an ideal vehicle. Backed by the experience we have
           workers as well as those in more physical sectors such   gained in organising nine occupational health and safety
           as mining and construction. There is a growing need for   trade shows in South Africa, it will be further supported
           occupational health and safety training, with safety being   through our partnership with the TRM Group.” >>> P11

           Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018                                                                                                            Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018
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