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4                           Editors Note

                                                                                                         Issue 19
        Engineers must let                                                                                 Year 3

        their Voices be heard                                                                          Oct/Nov

            nteresting.At  the  Engineers  Registration  Board  (ERB)Discipline  Specific                                      (DSGs)
            Guidelines(DSGs)  Launch  Engineer  Claire  Mosarwa  said  something  that  is   Pubishing Company       : InfoAge Holdings  Engineers Registration Board (ERB)
            worth mentioning . She said “ we are also going to give an opportunity for   Editorial             :  Zeph Kajevhu   with  discipline  specific  guidelines
            those not in the commitees to actually make an input into the standards and i                      :  Reason  Itumetse
                                                                                                            :  Katlego Sibanda
      Iwould say so far our efforts to get the stakeholders which are the engineers in   Digital Strategy &Design : Blessing Chisambi
       the development of our policies is actually proving to be futile.” The project manager   Marketing & Advertising  : Gerald Mazikana
                                                                                                                                  has kicked off a project to come up
       then elaborated that they have had little response from emails sent to engineers or                      : Selma Molao
       any efforts to get their comments and conclusively she stated  that ,“ we never really    Distribution               : Engineer Magazine
       know whether the policy is good or not ,we sometimes have to say silence means
       consent  but i am very very positive it does not mean consent .”              Contributors

       This is a call to all engineers to participate in anything that has to do with their descipline.    Botswana Insurance Company
       Engineers need to be active in policy making and fomulation and not just policies but      Hotwire Agency
       other facets of their profession. Have a say as Engineers  in your Associations, decide      Jeff Heasman
       who gets to lead in those Associations. Engineers are the innovative force behind     Contact Us
       a lot of things and yet when it comes to their own dscipline they lay domant. Let
       YOUR  voices be heard . Attend engineering events, ask questions, query those unfair   Telephone    : +267  73934694
       payments and regulations.You may participate in your convenient way.Make calls,text   Mobile           : +267  72440788
       or write emails anyway you can better the Engineering descipline. Its 2018 lets be the
       drivers of change starting with our own profession.                           Email:
       As Engineer Magazine we are always looking how best to engage Engineers and the
       different Engineering activities and events as well as make your products and services   Locate Us     :  Plot 19101 phase 2
                                                                                                                Gaborone West
       be known among other stakeholders .Use this platform as well to make your voices                              (Along Baobab Primary)
       heard .Thats understandably why we are calling all engineers who want to share their
       Technical reviews ,analysis or reports to send us an email or audio of no more than   Online Presence                    Botswana at the Gaborone Fairgrounds in September 2019.
       400 words for publishing.You may add an image and a brief biography of yourself as
       well. Please forward to or whatsapp to       FaceBook :  Engineer Magazine Botswana
       +267 73934694                                                                 Website  :
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                                                                                                                > Flip ,Interactive E-Magazine

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           Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018     
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