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                                                                                       SeZa - Special economic ZoneS authority
                                                                  In the news

                                                              8    15      BusIness technIcAlly speAkIng
                                 6                                    AssocIAtIons

             DSGS on the carDS

                                                                        18    25   30
           Engineers Registration Board (ERB)
         has kicked off a project to come up
        with  discipline  specific  guidelines


           10                                                                           Bank

                                                                              28      new  image  will  not  influence  its
                                                                                            Capital Bank to First Capital Bank
                                                                                         Jaco  Viljoen,  CEO  of  First  Capital
                                                                                   the needs of its local clients.
                                                                                    operations  or  change  its  focus  on

                    Health and Trade Expo : Electra Mining
       Botswana at the Gaborone Fairgrounds in September 2019.
                                                                    differentiation, where
                                                                      when innovation equates
         new  A-OSH  Expo  Botswana  to  take  place  alongside  Electra  Mining
                                                                         comparative advantage
                                                                           Innovation as a function of
                                                                   differentiation is a coefficient
                                                                 of competitive advantage,
                                                               product innovation consequently
                                                              results in product characteristic

                                                          Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018
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