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6                           Cover Story

             Discipline specific guidelines

             on the cards at ERB

                    s part of efforts to promote   She  said  the  DSGs  guidelines  are
                    the   highest   standards   intended   to   support   an   initial
                    of  engineering  practice   professional  development  (IPD)  and
          Ato  protect  welfare  and          experience  through  good  practice
          interest  of  public  in  the  engineering   elements, calling upon for commitment
          practice,  new  initiatives  are  on  the   by all stakeholders.
          horizona                            Mosarwa      acknowledges     that
          Engineers Registration Board (ERB) has   development  of  the  guidelines  is  a
          kicked  off  a  project  to  come  up  with   massive  task  and,  has  intentions  to
          discipline  specific  guidelines  (DSGs)   undertake  vigorous  marketing  and
          to  hone  local  engineers’  skills  and   communication throughout the process.
          competence.                         “We  need  a  robust  communication
          Launching  the  DSGs  launch  in    plan,  so  that  we  can  get  everybody’s   Engineer Dennis Olaotse
          Gaborone,  Engineer  Dennis  Olaotse   input,”  said  Mosarwa  highlighting  that   ERB Registrar
          ERB Registrar said the project is meant   three  main  drafts  of  guidelines  will
          to ensure that engineering services are   be  compiled  before  soliciting  public
          provided by dully qualified and skilled   comments, approval and rollout of the
          professionals                       guidelines slated for the first quarter of
          Olaotse  said  the  development  comes   2020.
          after  ERB  identified  the  need  to   Engineering  Community  and  other
          establish  standards  of  practice  by   stakeholders  engagement  has  already
          various  categories  and  disciplines  of   started and are expected to stretch up
          engineering in the country.         to December 2018, ahead of developing
          He  implored  the  industry  to  provide   the  guidelines  meant  for  graduates,
          information during DSGs development   registered  engineers,  technologists,
          to allow synchronization on reporting   supervisors and mentors in the discipline   Clare Mosarwa, Standards Manager
          methodologies and formats across the   of engineering.                        PrEng (Mechanical) at ERB.
                                              The guidelines are to apply to persons
          He    also   pleaded   engineering   who  have  completed  the  education
          community to avail individuals to assist   requirements BEng or BSc qualification,
          with development of guidelines.     or  a  Washington-Accord  recognized
          “We have a lean structure, we cannot   qualification or equivalent (Engineer) or
          do it all as a secretariat,” said Olaotse.  BTech  qualification  or  a  Sidney  Accord
          His  sentiments  were  also  shared  by   recognized  qualification  technologist
          Clare Mosarwa, Standards Manager    registered in the graduate or registered
          PrEng (Mechanical) at ERB.          category.
                                              n  addition,  the  project  will  focus  on
          “We  going  to  be  knocking  at    development of guidelines for the four
          your  doorsteps,  please  give  us  an   main disciplines - mechanical, electrical,
          opportunity, we are doing this for our   mining  and  civil  engineering  before
          country  and  we  hope  that  this  will   including  sub-disciplines  or  technology
          take  us  a  long  way  in  improving  our   areas.
          engineers,” said Mosarwa.                                                     Engineers and stakeholders
                                                                                            attended the Launch

           Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018     
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