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                              African Energy Resources

              Sese EIA approval increased to


                        ustralian   Securities
                        Exchange       (ASX)
                        listed  African  Energy
                        Resources    Limited
           Aemployee  Dr  Frazer
           Tabeart  says  that  the  Botswana
           Environmental Affairs Department has
           approved  an  updated  Environmental
           Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Sese
           Power Project to allow up to 500MW of
           power  generation  and  the  associated
           coal  mining  and  (coal)  processing
           In  an  August  16  communiqué  from
           Australia Dr. Tabeart, the experienced
           Mineralization  Deposit  guru  and  also
           Australian  Institute  of  Geoscientists
           Member,  the  standard  conditions  of
           such  approvals  in  Botswana,  includes
           a  requirement  that  the  project  be
           implemented  within  two  years.  This
           marks  an  important  milestone  for
           the  project  as  it  will  allow  for  the
           development  of  two  225MW  units,
           rather than two smaller, less efficient
           150MW units as contemplated under
           the original EIA approval.                  African Energy Resources Limited : Dr Frazer Tabeart

           According  to  the  press  release,
           Dr  Tabeart  is  also  undertaking   project  as  an  exporter  of  power  to  FQM’s  Zambian  copper  operations.“Current
           a  professional  qualification  as  a   activities at Sese include, implementation of the resettlement action plan (RAP)
           Competent  Person  under  the  2012   around Sese, under which 25 households have to date had their grazing rights, water
           Edition  of  the  Australasian  Code  for   bores and access trails relocated to outside the Land Rights Lease. Re-settlement of
           reporting  of  Exploration  Results,   a further three households is required to complete this process, which has been
           Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves.  jointly monitored by Sese JV staff and the Tonota Land Board.

           “Work    is   continuing   on   the   Negotiations  with  the  Botswana  Energy  Regulatory  Authority  (BERA)  for  a
           development  of  Sese  Power  Project   Generation and Export Licence and Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) for a Grid
           in  which  AFR  currently  owns  a  35%   Connection and Use of System agreement are in progress.
                                              Furthermore,  as  part  of  the  negotiations  process,  AFR  is  reviewing  commercial
           “AFR continues to assist First Quantum   aspects of importing power into Zambia and other credit-worthy offtakers for the
           Minerals  Ltd  (FQM),  the  majority   remaining 88MW of power available from development of the first 225MW unit at
           owner of the Sese JV, with a number of   Sese.
           commercial  and  permitting  activities
           related  to  the  development  of  the

           Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018                                                                                                            Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018
            Issue 19  Oct/Nov - 2018
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